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Originally posted on DJ Nate Geezie:

People don’t listen to me. I’m used to it tho. So now that I’m blogging again this will serve as official record that I told each and every one of you that Ari Lennox was insanely gifted and you need to get familiar….and quickly.

Or you can stay asleep.

Hailing from the great city of Washington DC, she has been making noise for years and steadily increasing her fan base by means of her frequent use of YouTube and Twitter. 

Her newest song “Bound” is spellbinding indeed…

Check out her earlier projects “Ariography EP” and the “Five Finger Discount” and be on the lookout for her new release.


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The Church Worth Coming Back To (A Message For The Left-Out)

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:

This week, I found myself in uncharted waters.

For the first Sunday in 17 years, I was not on staff at a local church; waking-up without a group of students and families to care for, and without a building to drive to; no sermons to give, no songs to sing, no greetings to deliver.

With the suddenness and messiness of the transition of the past few days, I knew there would be grief and confusion to process, and the dizzying flood of conflicting emotions that comes with any major life change. (In a year that’s seen me lose my dad, leave a job, move our family, and now be leaving another job, I fully expected those feelings of loss and sadness to come, and they have).

However, the one thing I didn’t expect to feel so instantly and so sharply in response to losing this central part of my life, was relief.

There was an almost tangible exhale…

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Putting the “Spin” on Spinsterhood

I initially started this blog as a space to share my thoughts, and at the time that I started writing, it was primarily about my (perceived) perpetual state of singleness. Much has changed however, and as I discover more and more information about my “spinsterhood”, I realize that my story is still very much unwritten. While I am still single, I feel much more in control of my life and happiness than I’ve ever been, and that means that I am the one in control of the story, therefore putting my own “spin” or perspective on it.

I believe that spinsterhood is a term for a period where marriage and family was the only means to pursue any sort of ambition in a society and culture that objectified and treated women as property. Women who didn’t or couldn’t comply with that cultural expectation had to do what was necessary to survive. As a post-evangelical seeker, I am simply discovering the idea that spinsterhood in this day and age, to me, is living life on my terms, trying to manage my engagement with society at large on those terms.



A Post Evangelical Millenial and a Pastor walk into a Coffee Shop….

There are many things swirling around currently, and I think they all center around simple things with unknown consequences: hard conversations, confrontations, and heartfelt communication. Much of it can be expressed and addressed as far as my own actions. But it is the actions of others that I cannot control, a reality that is freeing, and, for an affirmation starved people-pleaser, somewhat terrifying.

But, as I am getting better at honestly expressing my opinions and feelings, I realize that such expressions have consequences. Thankfully, I am getting closer and closer to caring less about the opinions of others and more about living a risk averse, constricted life.

So, I’m just going to come out and say it. At this moment, knowing what I know now and seeing what I’ve seen, I find it increasingly harder to see Christ in American Christian culture. In my mind, I wish I could meet up with the personal embodiment of American evangelical Christian culture and ask the following questions:

1.) What is WITH your culture’s obsession with women getting married and having babies? Why do you act as if we’ve imbibed the FemiNazi Kool-Aid when some of us say that we’re not sure about either one or decide forego them both?

2.) When it comes to current affairs (especially those political) seen as a “spiritual issue”, and your political involvement part of the “spiritual battle” for the soul of the country? And why when such efforts are unsuccessful, are you so prone to a fatalistic response of resignation, as evidenced in comments like, “God changes hearts”. If God changes hearts, then why are you so devastated when laws aren’t changed?

3.) Why is respectful enforcement of the Golden Rule towards unbelievers (yes, that includes those of other faiths and atheists also) seen as a sign of our impending apostasy?

4.) Why are you so willing to be covered in the muck, dust, and trash of another country but so resistant to dig into the glorious ruins of your own backyard you call home?

5.) Why are my questions taken as quarrelous attacks, my wonderings as a sign of faithless wander and my desire for discussion seen as demonic division?

6.) Why do you speak in code? What is difficult about saying what you believe, feel, and think without invoking the Holy Trinity or the “God’s will” stamp of approval? How does this spread the gospel and make it more accessible?

7.) Why are you so afraid? Are you afraid of the possibility that listening to another’s story will invalidate yours? What is at stake for you if you’re wrong? Is it everything? Is it nothing? Or is it somewhere in between?

8.) How (and why) did you forget that the very world that hated Christ and killed Him was (and still is) the same world that God loved (and still loves) enough to redeem?

9.)Why does extending grace and compassion often invoke fear of anarchy and unrest? Why is having mercy on others often feared as implicitly justifying sinfulness? Does it matter if we’re not the Lawgiver and Judge?

10.) Are you avoiding my questions because you’re uncomfortable with them, or because you’re uncomfortable with the actions that must be taken in the answers?

I suspect that I would probably get the “you poor confused” person look….